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Books, journals and articles on Psychodrama and related fields, established by:

James M. Sacks, Jeanine Gendron and Marie-Therese Bilaniuk

Adam Blatner (see also bibliography)

Bibliography of the Work of J. L. Moreno, compiled by:

A. Paul Hare

see also

Antonio Andrade (in English and in Portuguese)

Giovanni Boria (in English and in Italian)

Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (in Portuguese)

Finnish Psychodrama Association (in English, alpha order)

ERIC database (abstracts)


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New Books on Psychodrama

Psychodrama Training: A European View (book in honour of Anne Ancelin Shutzenberger for her 80th birthday)

Paul Wilkins, Psychodrama, Sage Publications, London, September 1999

International journals on Psychodrama

The British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama (English)

Catarsis: Brazilian Journal of Psychology(Portuguese)

The International Journal of Action Methods: Psychodrama, Skill Training,
and Role Playing

Psicodrama: Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama (Portuguese)

Revista Brasileira de Psicodrama (Portuguese)

Articles on Web

Psychodrama Skits Help Students, Others Deal With Traumas

Psychodramatists' opinions: Should the professional psychodrama community have a formal code of ethics?

The psychodramatic reenactment of a dream.

Elements of relinquishment in psychodrama:...

Psychodrama for disturbed children psychodrama is especially adaptable to the treatment of mentally ill children.

Can Psychodrama be a Tool in Ethics Education ?

Psychodrama in CEE/NIS Advertising Sales Training

THE THEATRE OF TRUTH-Psychodrama, Spontaneity, and Improvisation: The Theatrical Theories and Influences of Jacob Levy Moreno

Psychodrama Psychotherapeutic Methods

A Guide to Humanistic Psychology - Drama Approaches

Training materials




Psychodrama Organisations

Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations

British Psychodrama Association

Finnish Psychodrama Association

Hungarian Psychodrama Association

Portuguese Psychodrama Association


Psychodrama Section - Austrian Association of Group Psychotherapy

Swedish Moreno Institute

American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

Argentine Psychodrama Association

Brazilian Psychodrama Federation

Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association

Psychodramatists Web Sites

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