The IAGP links together an international community of qualified professionals through world and regional congresses, publications, and activities designed to promote dialogue in the the study of small and large groups and other types of social organizations, and in the treatment of human problems within group modalities. The opportunity for meeting professionals from different societies, cultures and political systems has great potential for furthering international cooperation for purposes of research, training and clinical work.

        In over forty years of activity, the Association has accomplished many achievements. It now presents to its members:
*   Biennial International Congresses and Regional Congresses
*   Conferences for continuing education and professional development
*   Network formation and professional work within Sections for:
Psychodrama, Group Analysis, Family Therapy, Therapeutic Communities, Systems Centered Group Therapy and Organizational Consultation.

*   A membership directory that is a valuable resource of qualified international group psychotherapists of diverse orientations.

*   The International FORUM of Group Psychotherapy that presents to the members articles of scientific and professional interests and news about colleagues and events throughout the world. The FORUM is published biannually and mailed to members.

*   Scholarships for Congresses.

*   Discount subscriptions to several professional journals and books.

*   Homepage on the Internet.

*   Members are eligible of reduced registration fees to IAGP sponsored congresses.

To apply for Individual Membership please provide the following information:

Name  (Last, first, middle, degree)
Address  (please include postal code)
Phone, Fax  (please include country and city codes)
Place of work, name and address 
Training and experience in Group Psychotherapy 
Basic theory of therapeutic approach 
Membership in other professional organizations
Names and addresses of two sponsors  (members of IAGP or otherwise recognized persons)

        The membership fee is paid upon notification of acceptance and entitles the member to all privileges of membership until the conclusion of the next international congress. The Individual Membership is USD 150 and is adjusted pro rata for shorter periods. A reduced fee of USD 75 is payable in special situations in countries where there is financial hardship, and where that is not possible, a voluntary fee of a minimum of USD 30 is suggested primarily for Eastern European countries with blocked currency accounts.

Send the above information to:

Dr Giusy Cuomo, 10 via Lorenzo Respighi, Rome 00197, Italy.
Phone and fax: 39 6 808 65 05


Dr Benjamin Rippa, 21 Daniel Street, Ramat Gan 52233, Israel.
Phone: 972 3676 3850 Fax: 972 3676 0512

* For information regarding Organizational Affiliation please contact:

Hanne Campos, Paseo San Gervasio, 30 Atico, 08022 Barcelona, SPAIN
Tel: 34-93-417 56 39 Fax: 34-93-418 77 48
E-mail: hannecam@copc.es


Dr Dalmiro Bustos, Honduras 4034 PB1, 1180 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Phone: 54 1862 7867 Fax: 54 1827 0589
E-mail: dalmirob@satlink.net