Great News!

A rare opportunity for a

     Psychodrama Workshop!
     Director Zerka Moreno!
     Organizer Monica Zuretti

This four-day workshop, February 11 -14, 2000, will be held in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, near Zerka's winter residence.
The workshop will cost $100 per day.  It will be limited to 20 people.
The program includes
One morning session, one afternoon session and some meetings in the evening as dinner   all  together, Sharing or processing and or a special session if it is   needed.

This general psychodrama workshop is especially for international
psychodramatists, and the language used by the trainers in the workshop
will be bilingual, English and Spanish.  However, anyone may attend,  even
without much psychodrama training background.

Arrangements for room and board need to be made separately. It may be
possible for those attending to pool their resources and together rent one
of the apartments near where Zerka lives.

  For further information, write to:
  Monica Zuretti or
  Paula Martinoia,

  Perú 1370,

  Telephone: 54 11 7925986     (near Buenos Aires)
  or email
  or contact   Ana Aguirregabiria   at
        in London

  For housing, make direct arrangements with:
             Endless Summer Vacations            
             1800 OAK STREET
             MYRTLE BEACH, SC

          (the state of South Carolina, on the East Coast of the USA)

Their phone is:  (803) 448-2381   or Fax  (843) 626-8389

Perhaps they or the organizers can help you find roommates to share apartments and keep the cost down.

Both TWA  and Delta Air Lines fly into Myrtle Beach.

The registrars will let you know how much deposit is needed, and the remainder of the fee for the workshop is paid on arrival.
We prefer for people to stay the whole 4 days but it might be possible to  stay only for the week end .

The theme of the group is the personal needs of those who attend, in the  old tradition of Psychodrama,  mostly protagonist-centered work.
Another theme involves being together, sharing and creating, re-dreaming the dream of a world,where small groups, caring for themselves and others, will be able to create a loving social matrix for the people present, the world, and the future. We will work the scenes that may appear from our actual life to our past and towards the future

Considering the limited number (Zerka will be limiting her travels in the  future), this is a great opportunity and you should act quickly.