messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Peter Felix Kellermann


Dear fellow psychodramatists,

Today we can truly say: NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!

We will have our major SUMMIT MEETING on August 20 between 9.00-15.00.

Hopefully, hundreds of psychodramatists from all over the world will join
together in a common effort to plan our future international cooperation.
As you have seen from the previous messages, psychodrama is thriving in
many parts of the world and our directory of worldwide psychodramatists is
increasing on a weekly basis. We have about 50 visitors to our website each
week which is a sign of its function as a vital information-link to many
students and practitioners of psychodrama. You might have seen the new
picture of the bubbling spring which is a symbol of the well of inspiration
that we hope the website will become for everybody.

The planning of the actual congress is also developing nicely. Frances
Bonds-White and George Christie (co-chairpersons of the scientific program
committee) have just concluded a very productive meeting with the
conference coordinators Dan Knassim and the Local Organizing Committee in
Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They had the opportunity to tour the pre-congress
facility and the convention center. A great deal of work was accomplished
and the meetings ended with a strong spirit of cooperation and goodwill.
They will report to the IAGP Board Meeting in Budapest next week. I hope
that the hard work of the president of IAGP, Roberto de Inocencio, the
secretary Christer Sandahl and the treasurer Hans Reijzer, as well as the
entire board of directors, will lead to a productive and stable platform
for our association. 

Many psychodrama events have been proposed to the congress program and most
of the internationally well-knows psychodramatists have indicated their
intention of participating as well as entire groups of psychodramatists
from all over the world. Please observe that the middle of October is the
latest date to submit presentation proposals, in order for the actual
program to appear in the beginning of next year. You can find the relevant
information on our website, or directly at the E-mail: <>

Zerka Moreno is moving to Charlottesville to be closer to Jonathan and
grandchildren. We wish her a safe and rewarding transition.

I cannot end this message without mentioning the terrible catastrophe of
the earthquake in Turkey which surely affects our collegues and friends
there. We follow with distress the suffering of all those affected and feel
inadequate for not being able to offer more than moral support at this
time. Perhaps in the future, we can use psychodrama to ease some of the
traumatic pain created.

Again, I hope to see you here next year!

Peter Felix Kellermann