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Arsaluz Kayir


Dear psychodramatist friends,

The seeds of eduction and practice in psychodrama and group psychotherapy
in Turkey were planted by Prof. Abdulkadir Ozbek in the early seventies in
Ankara. Now we joyfully pick their fruit. Following Ankara, centers for
psychodrama eduction were founded in Izmir, Istanbul and Bursa. Reciprocal
education and collaboration between these centers is continuing, along with
the continual support of Dr. Grete Leutz, from the Moreno Institute in
Uberlingen, Germany. We are today about 15 certified psychodrama therapists
who work in various universities, psychiatric hospitals and other
institutions in Turkey. I work in the Istanbul University Medical School
Psychiatry Department were I use psychodrama with patients with sexual
dysfunctions, specially with women who suffer from "vaginismus". 

The Turkish Association of Group Psychotherapies, founded in 1984, has
organized congresses for 14 consecutive years in the ancient form of
Aesculapion (now Bergama/Pergamon) which has been a treasure for history
and culture for 2500 years. At the same place as the ancient people came to
be miraculously cured through various forms of healing rituals,
psychodramatists of today are holding their yearly congress, lecturing at
the large open amphitheatre, conducting experiential psychodrama workshops
in army tents around the temple Asklepios, the God of Health. It is a
spectacular event with hundreds of participants mostly from Turkey and
guests from all the world.

To get a better feeling of this very special event, I have taken a quote,
adapted from a presentation of Maurizio Gasseau (1997) in his paper "From
the incubation of dream in Epidauros to the Jungian Psychodrama":

"Now, to gain a better understanding of the rite of Asklepios, imagine that
you are a Greek in ancient times, walking along a dusty road, a pilgrim on
his way to the temple of medicine at Epidaurus. You have little on your
shoulders except a small bag with some food and gifts for the God
Asklepios. ...

Now, in front of you, you can see the sacred trees of the valley in which
the temple stands. You can hear the birds, feel the cool breeze, smell the
sweet fragrance of the flowers. Perhaps you wish to take a bath or dance in
the gymnasium as all this will refresh you. Or walk through the "tunnel of
whispers" or attend to the beauties of art, music and drama at the theatre.
Many others have been cured before you..."

Next year in 2000, before the congress in Israel, we will meet again in
Pergamon between May 28-31. For further information, please contact the
"Turkish Association of Group Psychotherapies" at <> or at
web-page: <>

The group from Turkey who plans to come to the congress in Israel is
getting larger since we heard about the possibilies to get discounts.
Affectionatly yours

Arsaluz Kayir, (<>)