messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Dalmiro Bustos


Dear friends,

I keep working. I run my Institute in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, will
start this year´s period a the National University of Buenos Aires, and
just came back from England where I worked for ten days at Marcia Karp and
Ken Sprague´s Hoewell Centre of Psychodrama. It was a delightful experience
held at the fantastic place they have overlooking the sea. The first group was centered on the subjet of love, five days of intense work concluding that love is a dangerous
necessity. The other group run for three days on the subject of the
anxieties of psychotherapists. It was a very rewarding experience.

Also we had the Ibero Americano Congress of Psychodrama in Brasil in May
this year. We psychodramatists should be happy about what happened there, we are
finally finding a model to run Congresses. It was a real Encounter, lively
and very serious with excellent presentations. I launched a new book in
Portuguese roughly translated as New Scenes for Psychodrama. More than 600
psychodramatists attended the congress and there is a great enthusiasm to
go to Israel. The only problem is the high cost of traveling from this part
of the world. As you know our economies are not flourishing and people have
to do sacrificies in order to survive. But our creativity has saved us many
times and will save us now.

Another good news is that Zerka was a candidate for the Sigmund Freud
Award. Another Psychotherapist (Daniel Stern) won but we all know how much
Zerka deserved this Award. 

Best wishes    

Dalmiro Bustos


Additional note from Peter Felix Kellermann:

Regarding the Jerusalem congress in August 2000, I have been informed by the congress organizer "Dan Knassim" that there is a possibility for people coming from countries
with difficult economies and for groups of people who register together to apply for a discount on their registration fees. If you would like to inquire about this possibility, please write to

<>     Attn: Orly Ishay (secretary)

Also, remember that the final date for the submission of papers and
workshops is middle of October this year. We expect a large attendance of