Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Josť Fonseca


Dear colleagues of the International Psychodrama List,

I am Jose Fonseca, a psychiatrist and psychodramatist from Sao Paulo,
Brazil. We have a strong psychodramatic movement in Brazil. We began
in the late sixties and we now have approximately 4000 people working
with psychodrama. But it is important to remember that Brazil is a
continental country with more than 8 million square kilometers and
160 million inhabitants. There are also approximately 100 books on
psychodrama  written by Brazilian authors. Two of these were written
by me: Psychodrama of Madness: Correlations between Buber and Moreno
(Psicodrama da Loucura) and  Relationship Psychotherapy: Elements of
contemporary psychodrama. (Psicoterapia da Relatio). This latter book
deals with, among other subjects, two techniques that I developed
from psychodrama for individual psychotherapy that I intend to
demonstrate in a workshop at the Pre-Congress of our IAGP Congress in
I am the current editor of the International FORUM of Group
Psychotherapy, the official newsletter of the International
Association of Group Psychotherapy. It is an old IAGP dream to have a
journal. The last issues of FORUM have been larger in accordance with
this intention. We have published three articles, one in Spanish and
two in English, one interview, one book review and two Sections: IAGP
News and the Calendar of Events. But, to become a journal, or even
just to maintain the present format, I invite greater collaboration
on the different segments of our publication. Because of this, I am
writing you, and I thank my friend Peter Felix Kellermann for this

I need your help: please send me material for publication, news about
the group psychotherapy movement in your country, etc. I hope to see
your name and/or the name of your country in the next FORUM.

Warm regards,

Jose Fonseca