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Eva Roine


Psychodrama visions in Norway.

My vision the last years of the Norwegian Psychodrama Institute's history
is to
intruduce psychodrama in Norway on a national basis, says Eva Roine - director
of the Institute. We have existed and struggled for 14 years since we started
in 1986.

The original birth place of the instiute was at Bauker, a few miles from
Lillehammer where the olympic winter games in 1994 tok place. In the 1980's
Bauker was the only spiritual centre in Norway. Here Psychodrama developed
in an
atmosphere very well suited to the philosophy of J.L. Moreno. This we have
on to after moving to Oslo in 1992.

The institute has gone through many changes and crises. But today it stand on
solid grounds in new and modern premises right behind the Royal Palace in Oslo
downtown, with a beautiful park with ponds for our students to visit during
breaks. The same house is also a centre for psychotherapy of a more
kind, but we feel at home and respected for our own originality and integrity.
Apart from the education we offer, we receive clients suffering from deep
traumas such as incest, rape and torture. We meet people with eating
victims of mobbing, bereavement, family crisis as well as seminars and groups
for personal development, supervision and counseling for companies. Former
students on the levels of TEP and CP rent rooms and receive clients. This
way we
have managed to create a dynamic centre where psychodrama is the tool.

The Institute teaches on four levels: assistant, leader, director (CP -
Certified Practitioner). The Institute in Oslo now has branches in Bodo
(Northern norway), Bergen (West Coast) and a centre in Trondheim
(mid-Norway) is
planned to start in 2001. All these centres are led by students of the first
class from 1986, now on the TEP level. Official authorities also seems to have
discovered us. Last year we received 100 000 Norwegian crowns from the
department of health and in January this year we received an anonymous gift of
250 000 Norwegian crowns.

The Norwegian Psychodrama institute has today approximately 120 students in a
continous training program and a staff of teachers from Norway, Europe and the
USA. The Institute runned by the board and managing director and has a council
for ethical questions. The Institute is part of The Nordic Board of Examiners
and member of FEPTO, The Psychodrama Institute for Europe, IAGP, and The
Norwegian Association for Psychotherapy. We publish our own newsletter
called "Mercurius".

Perhaps we should also mention that The Oslo conference 'Visions of
Realities' will
take place in Oslo this year in September 6th. and 7th. (pre-conference)
and september
8th. -10th. (Conferance). The pre-conference will have three workshops led by
Leif Dag Blomkvist with the title 'To act in Concert', Marc Treadwell
'Surviving Death' and Eva Roine 'The dreams magical world'.  Zerka Moreno will
be our guest of honor, and 15 CP students will each lead their workshop - a
part of their final exams.

We are full of visions about the future of psychodrama!

Eva Roine

Addendum: Eva Roine is the author of "Psychodrama: Group Psychotherapy as
Experimental Theatre". London: Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 1997.