Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Deniz Altinay & Nese Karabekir


Dear Collegues,

We would like to introduce ourselves and the Institute to you. It would be
nice to keep in contact and to have an information about each other.

We are two of us psychodrama trainers ( Mr. Deniz Altinay and Mrs. Nese
Karabekir ) and also individual therapists. We established IPI in 1997.
Before us there was the Ankara Group Psychotherapies Institute then we
combined them in Istanbul.

We do mainly psychodrama training, individual and group therapies in the
IPI. In our psychodrama training section, we have 130 trainees in different
levels. We give Classical Psychodrama training and following European
training system. Every year we welcome foreign psychodramatists from
different countries to run workshops. Up to know we have worked with David
Kipper, Elaine Sachnoff, Marisol Filgueira, Paul Wilkins, Ron Wiener, Yacov
Naor, Kate Kirk, Shosahana Telias, Christina Hagelthorn, Laila Kjellstrom.
Also we organise residential summer workshops with foreign colleagues every
summer in different holiday areas in Turkiye. This year Zerka will be with

Apart from training we apply psychodrama in business world, schools and
theatres. We work with companies in different areas. In school we run
psychodrama groups with teachers, students, parents and staff. We also work
with private and government theatre companies to set up the play with
psychodramatic techniques.

We established Istanbul Playback Theatre in September 1999. We hope to do
our first performance next year and organise the International Playback
Festival in Turkiye. In our psychological counselling and therapy section
we work with child, adolescence and couple therapists together.

Mr. Altinay's two books have been published (1: Psychodrama Warming-up
Techniques 2: Handbook of Psychodrama) In the second book David Kipper has
written one section about the future of psychodrama in English.
As an Institute we are members of ASGPP and BPA. Every year we try to
participate psychodrama conferences. This year we will be both in New York
and Israel Conferences and present papers in Israel.

Recently we have got terrible days because of frequent earthquakes in
Istanbul. We decided to organise the IPI trauma team and got great support
from American and English colleques with amateur spirits. With this support
we are trying to organise the therapeutic spiral model in IPI.

As you understand we are open to create different works with different
collegues to exchange information and to know each others' works and
cultures. If you are interested in doing something together or having any
creative ideas, please share with us. We would be glad to know you and your
association about psychodrama. Please visit our website

Warm regards

Deniz Altinay,M.A    Nese  Karabekir, M.A
President of IPI     Coordinator of IPI
Psychodrama Trainer  Psychodrama Trainer