Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Monica Zuretti


Dear friends,

Following Sue's beautiful reference to Moreno, I will like to share with the
network the experience that our group of 20 psychodramatists had in Myrtle
Beach, in very few words.

We had a week of very intense work with different psychodramas each day,
including an open session the day of the tenth anniversary of Mandela's
freedom. That day we did a Sociodrama where Moreno, Mandela, Meyer Baba, and
other leaders met and it was beautiful to see that we also were working for
freedom. The freedom of the soul.

Besides the psychodramatic experience it was very important the building up
of network, of community, of the real presence of a connection among people
that goes over the stage and reaches our real lives.

We were people from Argentina, Brasil, Corea, Italy, Finland, United States
and Mexico. We were very clear that we were meeting for learning and
working on
Psychodrama but also that we were there because we share a network, because
we like being together, because we follow our path in tele comunication. It
difficult for me to put this into words. With many of you I have talked about
this; the need to make real this experience of network of belonging that
many of us experience. It is my belief that this is the real aim on Moreno´s
dream "to create a network of people that not only knows how to work." A
network that also cares, creates and lives as the method teaches us to
live, understanding the role of the other and complementing it.

A very important part of the experience for me was that on the workshop
there were
many of my very dear friends and also Paula my daugther with her baby
Juliana working and translating and we realised at that moment that she was
the fourth generation on the psychodramatic stage. We worked with three
languages plus the other that were present and it seemed like one.

The second experience that I will like to share because it is so related to
what I have just said, is the meeting of a group of 30 psychodramatists in
Iseo, more correct, in Fantecolo Italy, invited by Clelia Marino, president
the Coop. Il Germoglio for handicapped people, and Chiara de Marino
psychodramatist, Gigi Dotti and Mauricio Gassau, whom I belive you all know,
organised a meeting for sharing experiences, exchanging different forms of
directing psychodrama and being together to stablish networks.

THIS TIME THE DIRECTORS WERE THREE. Next February there will be others to
direct we will be together, experimenting creating. But more than anything
else, we will be stablishing links, getting to know each other better,

Sociometry functioning.

The most important reality in our world were the risk is to become only
competitive or lonely workers, is to creat, feed and mantain these beautiful

These two moments have given me and I belive all of us, a real sense of
reunion of togetherness, differences and respect.

All my love to you and everybody