Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Kate Bradshaw Tauvon


The IAGP elections are fast approaching for the mandate period following
the Jerusalem Congress. The President Elect, Treasurer & Secretary
candidates have been established and many nominations have been received
for membership of the Board of Directors (BoD). As our Association is still
not truly representative of the relevant diversity of
races/religions/colours, etc of our present global community we on the
Nominating Committee are presently trying to correct this. Nominations of
candidates who could help in this aim are still welcome.

The last stage of our job is to receive nominations for Chairs of Sections
within IAGP. Now that we have this marvellous homepage we have the golden
opportunity of asking your opinion. Who would you like to see as Chair of
the Psychodrama Section? If you would like to nominate someone, please gain
the nominees agreement first, establish that they are a member of the
Section and send me the nominees email address along with your nomination.

The Co-ordinating Committee has recommended Sue Daniel for this job.

If you belong to another Section within IAGP your nomination to Chair of
that Section is also welcome.

Time is short before the slate of nominations must be complete so please
send all  nominations by 2nd March to
With warm greetings 
Kate Bradshaw Tauvon
Chair IAGP Nominating Committee