Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Mariolina Werner

Dear fellow psychodramatists,

My name is Mariolina Werner. Since a few months I'm helping Peter Felix to
make some order in the addresses of the messages and on the directory of
our homepage. He asks me now to present me on this site... (Not easy, as
I'm still a student in training, and I feel "little" and inexperienced.
Let's say I'm the voice of those - and they are many in this forum  - who
still are in training).

But I think I've been given  so many and so enormous gifts of both of
Psychodrama itself and the psychodramatists I met, that this is really the
least I can do.

I'm Italian, from Milan, but I live in Sweden since 20 years.  I'm a high
school language teacher, a job permitting me to keep my  "Italian identity"
alive, here under the whirling snow.

My first contact with Psychodrama was in Italy many years ago. But only
quite recently I realised that I could make Psychodrama, with its strong,
unbelievably enriching experience, to a job. I began my training in January
96 at "Psykodrama Akademin" in Stockholm, where I live.

Of course it is very practical to have a directory with all the e-mail
addresses. But I think this lists are much more than that. I believe in the
importance of people with common values getting together, I believe in the
symbolic value of sharing almost every week a letter with people living on
the other side of the globe and though working for the same aims of
co-operation, dialogue, understanding, health, peace. 

People with the same dreams.

As a high school teacher, I see many young people in a wonderful but
fragile period of their lives, often struggling with small or huge
problems. We have here many foreigners and many refugees. Students who live
with both their own mother and father are a quite small minority.

Actually, I love studying, meditating and searching. But if I just open my
eyes, I wake up and share with most of you the burning desire to "fight on
the front".

I'm organising now in our school courses using psychodrama techniques and
sociodrama to help them to get more awareness of themselves, find if
possible a meaning in what they do, manage the stress they have to face,
get a new balance and find the courage to make choices. (That is; liberate
their spontaneity and help them to live in the "here and now").

I know how strong and essential my experience with psychodrama has been for
me under these years.  If I want this experience to continue, I'm simply
obliged to "pass it on..."

As I said in the beginning of the letter, I try to help Peter Felix and
Antonio Roma Torres in their huge work to get some order in the directory
on our homepage and with the addresses of these "messages." You know how it
goes... you begin sending your name, then the name of your best P.D.
friends, then others psychodramatists in Stockholm, then in Sweden, then in
Scandinavia, then...   To co-ordinate the lists is a big job - (wrong
addresses, addresses changing all the time, people moving, marrying and
changing their names, and many, many new addresses, almost every day).   As
you know, we divided the names in countries, but our worldmap is still the
same as in september. Many people are difficult to place (t.ex. "com" or
"Hotmail" addressees). But this list is ready now - I found your countries
most on Grouptalk, and on the Questionnaire on the Homepage.

Before we publish a new worldmap, it should be a great help if you could:

- go to the end of this message
- go to your country 
- check if you are there
- and if the address is OK
- if not, send a word to me  (in Italian, or  French,  if you prefer)

And we'll try to publish a new worldmap as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting you all in Jerusalem!