Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Peter Felix Kellermann


Dear fellow psychodramatists!
(and everybody who can soon say that they were born in the last millenium),

The "millennium" is a powerful symbol of hope, of something concluding and
of something beginning anew. The passage into a new century evokes feelings
of new possibilities for change.

The new information technology and specifically the internet has surely
revolutionized the way we are now able to communicate with one another!

Thus it seems appropriate for me to first look back a little and take this
occasion to thank my co-workers within the psychodrama-section of the IAGP.

Jorg Burmeister (Switzerland) for your cooperation and co-chairmanship.
Sue Daniel (Australia) for your support.
Antonio Roma Torres (Portugal) for your excellent work on our homepage.
Mariolina Werner (Sweden) for your help with organising all the names.
All psychodramatists who have written messages, and
All people (over 300) who have signed up on the directory.

I send my sincere thanks and appreciation!

All of us have created what we now have; a fine international network of

For example, did you know that you can find psychodramatists from all over
the world by looking at our "worldmap"? at


Yes, it is true that not everybody is listed in each country. But with your
help, we might get there one day. We are presently in the process of updating
this worldmap and would greatly appreciate if you could give it a few
minutes of your time and perhaps cheque if you are included and complete
with some new information of people in your country who are not yet listed
on our directory.

Please observe also that we have a CALENDER on our homepage that can be
used to plan future local and international meetings. Each country has
usually a yearly meeting and if we would consult the calender and keep
updating it, we might avoid collisions.

New books and articles on psychodrama are continually listed. Kate Hudgins
and myself are presently concluding the editing of a new book with 17
chapters on "Psychodrama and Trauma". This book will be published in August
2000 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.

Now for the future. We have some plans to promote more cooperation between
psychodrama associations from the four major parts of the world; the
American ASGPP, The Australia and New Zealand Psychodrama Association, the
European FEPTO, the FEBRAP & Iberoamericano and other regional psychodrama
networks. Perhaps this can be done when we all meet in Jerusalem in August

We have made the first rounds of introductions between some of the people
in our large group. I would now like to invite everybody to SHARE ON THE
NET about what you do, what you feel and think, and what visions you have
for the future of psychodrama. We will not aim to replace the excellent
forum of discussion that is represented by Grouptalk, and facilitated by
Thomas Treadwell, but we may want to inform collegues around the world of
special events and new projects that are specifically written for the
psychodrama network, or ideas about our vision for the future of
psychodrama or about what we feel is important from an organisational point
of view.

All such messages can be sent to my address, and I will then forward them,
often after additional editing, to everybody.

I wish you all a peaceful end of this millenium and a good start to the next!

Peter Felix Kellermann

Happy New Millenium!
Happy New Century!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Month!
Happy New Week!
Happy New Day!
Happy New Hour!
Happy New Minute!
Happy New Second!
Happy New!