Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Marc Treadwell


Dear fellow psychodramatists,

My name is Marc Treadwell and I have been working continually with
for over twenty years. I was very lucky to have brilliant trainers in Europe
who guided and supported me for many years. 

I am certified from the Swedish Moreno Institute as Director of
Psychodrama and have my TEP certification from the Nordic Board of
Examiners.  Although I continue to work extensively in many countries in
Europe I moved back to the United States a few years ago and am so pleased
to have received the blessing of Zerka Moreno to open the Moreno Institute
in the US once again. 

Although still very small. I am working from my new home in Los Angeles
at building up the institute so that it may one day be a center to help
persons who might not be interested in training but who could certainly
use a helping 'stage' to work out some difficulties in their lives.

As a Morenian I believe in the action being able to pave the way for
definite changes in a persons life. However, it is often difficult to find
the right venue for exploring new actions without dangering a persons
present situation.  People all over the world need the psychodrama stage to
rehearse new ways in which to gain their fullest potentials.

I think psychodrama should be used, and I am trying to implement it, in
schools, community centers, out-reach programs and other places where the
general public would have access to it.  Training other psychodramatists is
important aspect of being dedicated to the method, but I have come to the
point in my career and my life where I want to spread the wealth of this
method to those outside of the professional circle.

It's time to get back to the roots.

My areas of special interest are - secondly to psychodrama of course - Jungian
psychology, Surrealistic art and philosophy, James Hillman (American
psychologist), Theatre as Catharsis and the Process Analysis in Psychodrama.

I look forward to seeing many of you at future conferences.