Messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Grete A. Leutz


Dear psychodramatists throughout the world:

Today I am addressing you with potentially good news and a special request:

The German Medical Board has contacted me expressing its readiness to give
our method full accreditation for the health insurance companies provided
that next to a number of more theoretical questions already answered,
studies evaluating the therapeutic efficiency of psychodrama will be
submitted, the latest by January 20, 2000.

These studies should spell out the specific disorder based on ICD-10 to
which psychodramatic treatment has been applied; but other criteria of
indication like disorders of interaction, specific age groups etc. are of
interest as well.

The studies of efficiency may vary e.g. controlled group studies (PD groups
versus groups of same type of patients treated differently or not at all);
the same applies to PD treatment of individual cases (meta-analysis).

The board requires multimodal results of efficiency (not only judgment by
therapists but also by the patients themselves). Further, evaluations of
duration of therapeutic effects are requested on the basis of catamnestic
studies. All studies should clarify that the effects are due to the
psychodramatic method. Also studies on the significance of the method in
satisfying the needs of public health are of value. And last but not least
- if available - studies on the relation of costs/effect.

If you did nor know of such studies, please send them to me at your
earliest convenience, at the address above.

Besides, let's stay in touch, for if we are successful on this 'most
official' project it will certainly be of importance to many
psychodramatists in other countries as well.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.


Grete A. Leutz

Moreno Institute, Uhlandstr. 8, D-88662 Uberlingen, Germany

Fax: 0049 - 7551 - 60833.