messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Marcia Karp


Dear psychodramatists,

There have been many attempts in the past to create a worldwide network of
psychodramatists to share their ways of working with other disciplines. It
was one of J.L. Moreno's dreams when he founded the I.A.G.P. in 1973. It was
to have group psychotherapists learn from each other.

The I.A.G.P. Psychodrama Section, which is rapidly gaining members, is a
realization of that dream and is currently our collective attempt to gain
from each other. The co-chairmanship of Peter Kellermann and Jorg Burmeister
is helping to bring about this dream with the hard work of many others before
them and with them.

May we encourage you to join the Section and together plan our future events
in order to ensure the growth and expansion of group psychotherapy and

The future workshops I would like to see for the section would be "Myself as
Protagonist". I remember Moreno saying he always judged how good a director
was by how full that person took the role as protagonist.

An update on Hoewell is that we are hosting Dalmiro Bustos from Argentina In
june and July in our new expanded group room overlooking the sea.

I have returned from China, Taiwan, in March having worked for the training
group of Gong Shu who has 36 keen psychodramatists. It was fascinating. I
will be in Finland in Sept. and Skyros in Greece in Sept. also. Ken has just
done a sociodrama on the was in Thessaloniki. I have done an interesting
Theatre of Spontaneity workshop in London at the Actors Centre for actors and
directors in June. So life goes on. Norbert Apter and I are developing a full
diploma training programme in Geneva and that begins in 2000 though the
workshops go on now.

Sending regards to all friends from the cliff top.
Looking forward to seeing you in Jerusalem in August, 2000.

Marcia Karp