messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Kevin Franklin


Dear fellow psychodramatists,

I am the Secretary of ANZPA Inc and a Committee Member of our regional
association ANZPA (WA) Inc. I began Psychodrama training in 1976 at the
Wasley Centre and completed it in 1996. In the meantime I also did a
B.Psych and a PhD. Dr Max Clayton has been my primary trainer. I would like
to go to the IAGP in Jerusalem however my financial resources are not that

I am also a Clinical Psychologist, Educator, and Psychodramatist in private
practice and Executive Director of Perth's newly formed Western Institute
of Psychodrama. Prior to completing my PhD in 1990 I was a secondary school
teacher and I now teach at tertiary level. I keep my vehicle fit through
aerobics, pump, and other regular workouts at gym. Other spare time is used
in gardening, washing and ironing. My life-partner Peter C. and I have
lived together almost thirty years now. Life is definitely getting better
though slower!

My PhD empirically demonstrated the origins and nature of sexual
preferences (ie heterosexuality and homosexuality). This required my
developing a personality theory; personality objects and their relations;
based on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Persons of Grammar. In Moreno's terminology
these are psychodramatic role, sociodramatic role, and social role. I've
found one reference to sociodramatic role in Moreno's writings. In Moreno's
writings this objective and individuated social role is poorly developed as
a theoretical construct compared to our understanding of the objective and
collective social role. Using this enhanced theory with its two-objective
world views, I distinguished and then tested the collective and conflictual
psychosocial worldview (of psychoanalytic, behavioural, and
phenomenological psychology) from the unified psychodramatic world view of
the Universal Person.

Understanding both sexuality and mental health have been a life-long
purpose for me. Using Moreno's expanded role theory of personality I have
empirically shown the origin and nature of sexuality, and - related to
creative spontaneity - the origin and nature of mental illness and well

The annual toll of human misery from mental illness, and its dollar-cost,
is huge. I like to think that the coming millennium will be the Millennium
of Mental Health & Education where we soon come to recognise that we do
know the answer to this scourge. My professional interest and work as a
clinical psychologist has come about because of my own and familial
experiences around sexuality and mental illness. I like to think that my
work makes a contribution to an emerging vision of Universality.
A copy of my paper: "An Eternal Paradigm for a Free Human Spirit: A Unified
Theory of Personality" can be required from the above e-mail.

With Greetings

Clinical Psychologist
Mount Lawley Business Centre
151 Walcott St
Western Australia
Tel: (08) 9328 6684