messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Esly Regina Carvalho


Dear participants,

I spent ten years in Brazil, my native country, where I trained in
Psychodrama since 1979 and eventually became a Supervisor accredited by the
Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (FEBRAP). I had many ongoing therapy
groups in private practice, and taught several of the training classes at
the local Psychodrama association in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I was
also elected to be president of the association for a two-year period,
before I was offered a position in Quito, Ecuador, which I accepted. From
then on, I've felt a little like a "Psychodrama Johnny Apple-seed",
starting up groups wherever I've lived.

We are finalizing the legal aspects of the APSE - Asociacion de Psicodrama
y Sociometria del Ecuador, and hope to make a small publication of the
writings the students are turning in, and their experiences. We did some
public "Magic Shops" at the beginning of the year as a fund-raiser for the

I think one of the most moving experiences for me is to be a pioneer: to
know that before I came, there was no psychodrama, and that now I have a
part in training a whole generation of therapists in Psychodrama. I guess I
feel a little like the "Morenos' grandchild", a third generation of
psychodramatists. I was really pleased to have had the opportunity to meet
Zerka, and appreciate her encouragement, even from afar.

I hope that we can establish a firm Psychodrama association in Quito and
consolidate the gains of these last few years. It would be nice to have
more exchange with other groups in the region. I was Paraguay last week,
and the association there is small but solid and thriving. We discussed the
possibility of networking within South America and sharing our resources.
Perhaps we could even have a Psychodrama conference somewhere in the Andes.
We would also like to see if we can re-connect with the assocations that
once existed in Peru and Colombia. We have been able to make contact with
the one in Venezuela. So, we would like to strenghten the psychodrama
movement in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

I just got home, and the volcano 6 km away has calmed down... it put out
spectacular clouds of ash last week, which had all of us very worried, but
things have calmed down and are pretty much back to usual... hope it lasts!

Next year in Jerusalem! I hope to see many of you there!

Esly Regina Carvalho, MS, LPC, TEP
Casilla 17-08-8633
Quito, Ecuador