messages from worldwide psychodramatists


Zerka T. Moreno


Welcome to Jerusalem. This ancient, historic setting is so very special in
so many ways, that having our 14th International Congress there at the
opening of the new milennium there is particularly relevant. It is symbolic
for having survived this century and being prepared to continue to bring
our work forwards into the future ages as well.

We are badly needed. It is hard to belive that at times, when we are
struggling to be recognized. At times we get discouraged, but just remember
that Moreno knew until his very last, how important his message was. I have
literally girdled the globe and found reception in the farthest corners.
There are now many persons devoting their energy and their lives to this
good work. Let us continue to bring the hope of spontaneity, creativity,
freshness and newness to the hungry world around us.

Here is my vision for the future: A 24 hour Psychodramatic Emergency Center
in every community to help avoid violence and stress of every kind and
treat persons in immediate need.

A Psychodramatist in every school, to help students and faculty and parents
with their everyday problems.

A Psychodramatic Pre-Marital Testing Clinic, to assist young people and all
those seeking relationships to make the right decision for their future.

A Psychodramatic School for Parents, where folks can come and work out
their own problems with their family of origin and prepare them for
parenthood so as not to transmit their own lacks upon their offspring.

A Psychodramatist in every physical and mental hospital, in each and every
department to heal the traumata arising out of the hospital scene and to
train staff to be better auxiliary egos to their charges.

And how about a staff of psychodramatically and sociometrically trained
agents to help governments around the globe settle differences without
having to resort to violence?

And such an advisor to our Presidents?

Now do you see how much we are needed? Just keep up the good work. As
Moreno said at his last public appearance in New York: "The older I become,
the more beholden I am to people like you. Thank you. Thank you."

Zerka T. Moreno