COORDINATOR: Michael Wieser-Austria


Vladimir Milosevic - Serbia
Josť Fonseca - Brazil
Susanne Kunz- Switzerland
Jasna Veljkovic - Serbia jasnapsi@eunet.yu
Pierre Fontaine- Belgium

David Kipper - U.S.A.  
Robert Elliott, Ph.D.



GOALS (as defined by the group):
To collect of ongoing and finished research
To create tools to evaluate
To publish results in Forum
To exchange with research comittee of FEPTO, EAP, WCP.
To start  collaborative research.


ACTIVITY REPORT (february 2004)
Michael Wieser sent us his presentation from Istanbul in October. Suzane Kunz connected a research group about groupworking in germany and plan to do a research about her group with outpatient.
In addition Prof David Kipper is doing research on devising a test (inventory) of spontaneity.He is preparing an article on qualitative findings in psychodrama literature and studies.
Michael Wieser connected with Robert Elliott, Ph.D.
Professor Director, Center for the Study of Experiential Psychotherapy, University of Toledo,USA
other websites:
He works with L. Greenberg and Lietaer on Experiential Psychotherapies, and psychodrama is part of it. Michael's interest leads to his meta analysis.
Susanne and Jasna are looking for questionnaires they could use for their groups. Michael is awaiting the results of the German psychodrama research group with Prof Tschuschke in Cologne. Suzane and Jorge Burmesiter mention Uwe Seeger in Germany.From Apter in Geneve, Michael only has one article.