Dear Colleagues,
I would like to share with you the second Report of the Activity of the Psychodrama Section of IAGP on the semester March /August 2004.
I also with like to have a meeting with the people from this working comittee that are going to be in the Oxford Conference. Please notice the announcements in the entrance of the Conference and/or try to find me there. I will be staying in St Hilda`s College and my mobile number is 00351962862962.
Probably Thursday (August 12) at breakfast time we will have the meeting of the IAGP Psychodrama Section.
I know that at least Anne, Dena, Michael, Kate, Adam, Nese are going to be there... Please let me know all the others that are attending. I do hope to talk to you all there.
It is always good to have personal contact. Lets take this oportunity!
We need and will try to improve our work in our section and the results of our continuous networking.
Warm Regards,
Manuela Maciel
Lisbon, August 8 2004
March 2004/August 2004
As reported in the previous report (September 2003/February 2004), the Psychodrama Section has a working Committee of about 27 people, covering  the different regions of the world, under 4 subcommittees, that focus  on the following specific areas:
-         Research in Psychodrama (and good articles for the Forum)
-         Promotion /Expansion of Psychodrama
-         Regional Support and networking for psychodramatists
-         Presentations for the S. Paulo Conference in 2006
 Each subcommittee has a coordinator and the work accomplished this semester by each group  is reported below. In the end there is also an activity report about the work accomplished by the Chairperson of the Psychodrama Section.
RESEARCH GROUP Activity Report
José Fonseca - Brazil
Pierre Fontaine - Belgium
David Kipper - U.S.A.
Susanne Kunz - Switzerland
Charmain McVea - Australia (new)
Vladimir Milosevic - Serbia
Tom Treadwell - U.S.A. (new)
Jasna Veljkovic - Serbia jasnapsi@eunet.yu
Leni Verhofstadt- Belgium (new)
Kate Hudgins - England (new)
1. Goal: to collect ongoing and finished research.
Michael Wieser has become (since April 2004) the  Chair of the Research Committee in FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Organizations ( and is doing more of this work concentrating in the region of Europe. The result can be seen under Michael is also preparing a worldwide research report from April 2003 to April/May 2004 to be presented under (the web page of the Psychodrama Section in IAGP)
2. Goal: to create tools for evaluation.
The following tools are being collected and created by members of this subcommittee:
Kellar, H., Treadwell, Th., Kumar, V. K. & Leach, E. S. (2002). The Personal Attitude Scale-II: A revised Measure of Spontaneity. The International Journal of Action Methods. Psychodrama, Skill Training, and Role Playing, 55, 1, 35-46.
Treadwell, Th., Lavertue, N., Kumar, V. K. & Veeraraghavan, V. (2001). The Group Cohesion Scale-Revised: Reliability and Validity. The International Journal of Action Methods. Psychodrama, Skill Training, and Role Playing, 54, 1, 3-11.
David Kipper will publish a Spontaneity Assessment Inventory (SAI) and a Spontaneity Deficit Inventory (SDI).
3. Goal: to publish results in Forum
Not yet accomplished.
4. Goal: to exchange with the research committees of FEPTO, EAP and  WCP.
There is a personal connection to the FEPTO Research Committee through  Michael Wieser. There is the need to find out if the research committees of EAP and WCP still exist, as they are not mentioned on their homepages.
5. Goal: to start collaborative research.
The Social Network Inventory (SNI) of Tom Treadwell is going to be used to evaluate Psychodrama results. First of all the newest information will be gathered ( also with the collaboration of Tom Treadwell and how to handle the translation into different languages will be  considered. This project has its strengths since it will use psychodrama’s own specific  instruments (out of Sociometry).
In order to carry out a comparison with common psychotherapy research, a plan has been made to create  another project later, maybe using Brief Symptom Inventory of Derogatis (1993).
We would like to set-up a separate discussion lists on Yahoo groups for this purpose and will liase with the Exec. about this.
Nese Karabekir- Turkey-
Isil Bulut -Turkey
Arsaluyis Kayir - Turkey -
Carolina Becerril - Mexico -
-         Connection with regions;
-         Understand which countries are included;
-         Understand how many Psychodrama Institutes are working;
-         What is going on the different countries in psychodrama;
-         To see what is going on between different Institutes in the same country;
-         To announce, promote and support  regional congresses, workshops or other events on Psychodrama.
This group is creating a simple questionnaire  asking psychodramatists and also psychodrama trainers about their activities in their countries, like how many Psychodrama Training Institutes and psychodrama group centers they have in different countries and  how many    trainers.   How they apply psychodrama differently, any research projects, national seminars or conferences about psychodrama, about books and articles, etc.
This subcommittee is looking for the best way to contact with other psychodrama training institutes all over the world.
The Fepto mailing list to reach psychodrama institutes and centers all over Europe has been collected by Arsalyus and Nese .
Nese has been trying to contact  other psychodrama people from different continents.
Outside of Europe, Nese has also contacted with ASGPP (American Association of Psychodrama) and Russian psychodrama trainers.
They will use these contacts and the Psychodrama Announcement List of IAGP to distribute and promote this project and the use of the questionnaire by as many countries as possible.
Interesting information has already been collected from Russian colleagues.
Anne Schutzenberger – France
Dena Baumgartner - U.S.A.
Neuzet Uctum Muhler - Turkey
Renée Marineau - Canada
Adam Blatner – USA
Kate Tauvon- Sweden
Antonio Roma Torres - Portugal (manager of our website)
-         To collect archives of films and videos of J.L. Moreno and all the other
-         key figures in Psychodrama
-         To make a new video that presents Psychodrama to Newcomers with Key
-         figures of Psychodrama.
-         To edit new books on Psychodrama
Renée Marineau was contacted by Dena and Manuela  to join the working committee but he seems to be very busy, also because he is  the president of ASGPP (American Federation for Psychodrama). Adam Blatner and Kate Tauvon were contacted by Manuela to join this comittee and they accepted.
Anne, Dena, Kate Tauvon, Nese  and Adam will meet in Oxford, this coming week.
Still considering to make a yearly book of the best publications from various
European  (FEPTO) journals about psychodrama.
Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger published a very large handbook on psychodrama (500 pages, Paris, Payot, pbp Nov 2003) in French, including a brief history of groupwork, IAGP and psychodrama in the world - and Moreno's life- and a large international psychodrama bibliography.
A new edition of  "the Handbook of Psychodrama" by Routledge is also being prepared by Kate Bradshaw Tauvon.
Manfred Drucke - Germany
Victor Shebar - Israel
Celia Riskin - Argentina
Louise Lipman - USA
Elizabeth Mlasko - Switzerland
Isil Bulut - Turkey
Heloisa Fleury - Brazil
-         Helping and consulting the local organizing committee
-         Proposing themes and presenters from different countries also networking with the regional support subcommittee
-         To write impressions of the Istanbul Congress and propose improvements and also to share experience with the next organizers
-         Focus on quality more than quantity
The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) of the next IAGP Congress,
coordinated by Haim and Heloisa is doing very well. So is the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Maybe this subcommittee  should work closer with SPC and with LOC. 
Manfred did not submit any report to the Chair of Psychodrama Section so this committee needs to be improved. Suggestions are accepted.
These suggestions may come from the members of this subcommittee or by others that may want to follow the important task of this group. New members are to be accepted or invited as we need to assure in time the good quality of the psychodrama presentations to be held at the Conference in S.Paulo, Brazil.
-         To give support and coordinate  the 4 working subcommittees
-         To make contacts and coordinate those joining the working group of the Section
-         To write reports for the Psychodrama Section (every semester)
-         To attend the IAGP Board Meetings (every semester)
-         To attend Psychodrama International Events and improve the networking
-         To network with other international organizations focusing on Psychodrama
-         To moderate the Psychodrama Announcement List
-         To promote Psychodrama (including books) and exchange with the other sections from IAGP
-         To participate in the Scientific Program Committee of the next IAGP Congress.
Manuela Maciel has moderated the Psychodrama Announcement List, with the assistance of Yaffa Sassoon. There are around  210 subscribers and we have announced around 60 Psychodrama events around the world. The PAL is now going to be hosted at Yahoo and Manuela is looking for a "backup" person to support her in this work. Preferably someone who is into Psychodrama and is more familiar with Yahoo system and the English language. This new system requires more work from the moderator of the list, leaving Yaffa more available for another type of support.
 Manuela  has connected and exchanged information with International
 Psychodrama News coordinated by Adam Blatner (USA)
Exchange has  also been carried out with the Grouptalk of the ASGPP on Psychodrama
The Webpage of the Psychodrama Section has been updated by Antonio Roma Torres  and is coordinated by Manuela.
A  new book is going to be published by Routledge on "Advanced Theories in Psychodrama", edited by Manuela Maciel, Jorg Burmeister and Roberto de Inocencio. Manuela Maciel and Adam Blatner are  going to have a meeting with Routledge about this book (in Athens next week).
This semester Manuela Maciel has attended and, most times, presented in Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy Conferences in the USA, Portugal, Turkey, Finland and England. In the 5 conferences she has made important contacts for the Psychodrama Section.
In Finland she attended the annual FEPTO meeting and was invited by Wilma Scategni (the present coordinator of FEPTO News) to write one page about IAGP and the Psychodrama Section in IAGP, every 3 months. There she also met with Michael Wieser, Anne Schutzenberger and Pierre Fontaine to discuss about this Section.
This year Manuela has organized workshops on Psychodrama in Portugal, with International trainers such as José Fonseca (Brazil), Maurizio Gasseau (Italy) and Luzia Lima (Brazil), allowing direct exchange of experience in the field of Psychodrama.
Manuela is organizing  a new course in Psychodrama in the University of Psychology Maputo, Mozambique (to be held in Portuguese) allowing the opportunity for psychodrama to be more spread in Africa. This work is being developed with Isabel Parada and Jose Cepeda.
Manuela is very soon  (tomorrow) going to  the British Psychodrama International Conference to be held in Oxford from 9- 15 August and organized by the British Psychodrama Association. Many psychodramatists from all over the world will attend. There she will meet with many people from the working committee of Psychodrama Section (Anne, Nese, Dena, Adam, Michael, Kate, etc) and all the work and networking in the Section has an opportunity to evolve once more.
We would like to improve our networking with FEPTO (European Federation of Psychodrama),  with FEBRAP (Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama) and with ASGPP (American Association of Psychodrama).
We thank the efforts of everyone involved in the work accomplished by this Section.
Manuela Maciel
(Chair of Psychodrama Section)