August 2003/ February 2004

In Istambul, we had a successful and effective Psychodrama Section Meeting, for 1 hour and half, with the presence of around 90 Psychodramatists from all over the world. We first heard and saw a little bit of the living History of Psychodramatis at IAGP Congresses, which then divided in to small subgroups, by categories of antiquity in IAGP and gave suggestions to the future goals of the Psychodrama Section .
In this same meeting we also formed a working Comittee of about 16 people (which has been enlarged), representing the  different regions of the World, who kindly and volunteered to help the PD Section to acomplish its goals.
This Working Comiittee, who had another specific meeting at the IAGP Congress, is  already working in 4 different subgroups focussing on specific areas (chosen according to the main suggestions collected at the PD Section Meeting) with already  well defined goals and coordinators.
These subcomittees are:
- Research in Psychodrama (and good articles for Forum)
- Promotion /Expansion of Psychodrama
- Regional Support and networking for Psychodramatists
- Presentations for Congress 2006 in S. Paulo .
I will transcribe now the activity reports of these Subcomittees so far:




COORDINATOR: Michael Wieser-Austria
Vladimir Milosevic - Serbia
José Fonseca - Brazil
Susanne Kunz- Switzerland
Jasna Veljkovic - Serbia jasnapsi@eunet.yu
Pierre Fontaine- Belgium
David Kipper - U.S.A.  
Robert Elliott, Ph.D.
GOALS (as defined by the group):
To collect of ongoing and finished research
To create tools to evaluate
To publish results in Forum
To exchange with research comittee of FEPTO, EAP, WCP.
To start  collaborative research.
ACTIVITY REPORT (february 2004)
Michael Wieser sent us his presentation from Istanbul in October. Suzane Kunz connected a research group about groupworking in germany and plan to do a research about her group with outpatient.
In addition Prof David Kipper is doing research on devising a test (inventory) of spontaneity.He is preparing an article on qualitative findings in psychodrama literature and studies.
Michael Wieser connected with Robert Elliott, Ph.D.
Professor Director, Center for the Study of Experiential Psychotherapy, University of Toledo,USA
other websites:
He works with L. Greenberg and Lietaer on Experiential Psychotherapies, and psychodrama is part of it. Michael's interest leads to his meta analysis.
Susanne and Jasna are looking for questionnaires they could use for their groups. Michael is awaiting the results of the German psychodrama research group with Prof Tschuschke in Cologne. Suzane and Jorge Burmesiter mention Uwe Seeger in Germany.From Apter in Geneve, Michael only has one article. 





COORDINATOR: Nese Karabekir- Turkey
Isil Bulut -Turkey
Arsaluyis Kayir - Turkey -
Carolina Becerril - Mexico -
GOALS (as defined by the group):
Connection with regions
Understand which countries are included
Understand how many Psychodrama Institutes are working
What is going on the different countries in psychodrama
To see what is going on betwen different Institues in the same country
To announce, promote and support  regional congresses, workshops or other events on Psychodrama.
ACTIVITY REPORT (February 2004)
In Turkey the psychodrama institutions are networking. At the end of 2003 all psychodrama trainers came together in a hotel in Central Anatolia.They talked about the quality of education and reached some decisions. Besides the educational groups they are planning to conduct psychodrama therapy groups
This group is creating a small questionnaire ( not very complicated ) asking  psychodramatists and also psychodrama trainers their activities in their countries, like how many psychodrama Training Institutes and psychodrama group centers in different countries, how many  to train trainers,  about books,articles., How they apply psychodrama differently,any research projects, national seminars or conferences about psychodrama etc. Arsalyius and Nese are creating a shared report to represent the Psychodrama activities in Turkey so that they can ask the same kind of report from other countries later on.
They are looking for the best way to contact with other psychodrama training institutes's all over the world.





COORDINATOR:  Anne Schutzenberger - France

 Dena Baumgartner - U.S.A.
Neuzet Uctum Muhler - Turkey
Renée Marineau - Canada ?

GOALS (as defined by the group):

-To collect archives of films and videos of J.L. Moreno and all the other key figures in Psychodrama
- To make a new video that presents Psychodrama to Newcomers with Key figures of Psychodrama.
ACTIVITY REPORT (february 2004)
Considering to make a yearly book of best publications from various European  (FEPTO) journals about psychodrama. Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger published a very large pocket book on psychodrama and its various technics (500 pages, Paris,Payot,pbp Nov 2003) in French, including a brief history of groupwork, IAGP and psychodrama in the world - aénd Moreno life- and a large internamtional psychodrama bibliography - [2° enlarged edition planned already for this coming summer, as it is selling quite well]  

Renée Marineau was contacted by Dena to join the working comittee.




COORDINATOR . Manfred Drucke - Germany

Victor Shebar - Israel
Celia Riskin - Argentina
Louise Lipman - USA
Elizabeth Mlasko - Switzerland
Isil Bulut - Turkey
Heloisa Fleury - Brazil
-Helping and consulting the local organizing comittee
-Proposing themes and presenters from different countries also networking with the regional group
- To write impressions of Istambul Congress and propose improvements and also to share experience with the next organizers
-Focus on quality more than quantity



ACTIVITY REPORT (February 2004)

Of course the SPC (Scientific Program Committee of next Congress) coordinated by Haim and Heloisa is doing very well. Maybe this comission should work closer with SPC and iagp poll,Manfred suggests Ron Wiener as presenter for next Congress about his very interesting work in Sociodrama.


The Psychodrama Section has used Psychodrama Announcement List with the precious help of Yaffa Sassoon. There  around  210 subscribers and we have announced around 30 Psychodrama events around the world.

Also we have connected and exchanged informations with International Psychodrama News coordinated by Adam Blatner (USA)

We have exchanged aso with the Grouptalk of the ASGPP

about Psychodrama


The Webpage of Psychodrama Section has been updated by Antonio Roma Torres (Portugal)

And that is all for the moment. In the next meeting of FEPTO (June, Finland) we would like to improve our networking with FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organization) and with FEBRAP (the same in Brazil)
We need more time but we should continue to improve our Section and networking.
Manuela Maciel
(Chair of Psychodrama Section)