COORDINATOR: Nese Karabekir- Turkey
Arsaluyis Kayir - Turkey -
Carolina Becerril - Mexico -




GOALS (as defined by the group):
Connection with regions
Understand which countries are included
Understand how many Psychodrama Institutes are working
What is going on the different countries in psychodrama
To see what is going on betwen different Institues in the same country
To announce, promote and support  regional congresses, workshops or other events on Psychodrama.


ACTIVITY REPORT (February 2004)

In Turkey the psychodrama institutions are networking. At the end of 2003 all psychodrama trainers came together in a hotel in Central Anatolia.They talked about the quality of education and reached some decisions. Besides the educational groups they are planning to conduct psychodrama therapy groups
This group is creating a small questionnaire ( not very complicated ) asking  psychodramatists and also psychodrama trainers their activities in their countries, like how many psychodrama Training Institutes and psychodrama group centers in different countries, how many  to train trainers,  about books,articles., How they apply psychodrama differently,any research projects, national seminars or conferences about psychodrama etc. Arsalyius and Nese are creating a shared report to represent the Psychodrama activities in Turkey so that they can ask the same kind of report from other countries later on.
They are looking for the best way to contact with other psychodrama training institutes's all over the world.