Letter from Manuela Maciel (September 2003)

Dear Colleagues
Having been elected  as the new Chair of the Psychodrama Section for the next 3 years, I am very happy to tell you that we had an excellent Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, with many presentations and workshops on Psychodrama.
I would like to emphasize particularly the great effort of Sue Daniel, Anne Schutzenberger, Pierre Fontaine, Maurizio Gasseau, Jorg Burmeister, Greta Leutz in this Congress, who besides from having presented workshops during the Pre-Congress have also done an excellent contribution to the Congress itself, with very high quality and well organized presentations and simposia. Many other Psychodramatists also presented their work and also the new Video "Moreno and his muses" was presented by José Fonseca. We also had the pleasure of having as a speaker in the plenary Session, Jonathan Moreno, who spoke about ethics in Medicine and the secret experiments on Human Beings (which is also the title of his book "Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans" ).
In Istambul, we had a successful and effective Psychodrama Section Meeting, for 1 hour and half, with the presence of around 90 Psychodramatists from all over the world. We first heard and saw a little bit of the living History of Psychodramatis at IAGP Congresses , which then divided in to small subgroups, by categories of antiquity in IAGP and gave suggestions to the future goals of Psychodrama Section .In this same meeting we also formed a working Comittee of about 16 people, representing the  different regions of the World, who kindly and volunteered to help the PD Section to acomplish its goals.
I am proud to announce that this Working Comiittee, who had another specific meeting at the IAGP Congress, is  already working in 4 different subgroups focussing on specific areas (chosen according to the main suggestions collected at the PD Section Meeting) with already  well defined goals and coordinators.
These subcomittees are:
- Research in Psychodrama (and good articles for Forum)
- Promotion /Expansion of Psychodrama
- Regional Support and networking for Psychodramatists
- Presentations for Congress 2006 in S. Paulo .
Very soon, I will write to you about the specific goals of each subcommittee, which will also  be soon added to our webapage, so that each one of you may contribute with ideas in order to keep this work vivid, creative and effective.
Let me also suggest your active contribution to this list, so that we keep informed about everything which is relevant to the Psychodrama Comunity in the world.
António, Yaffa and I are also working on the Internet solutions to improve our comunnication and networking, like this Psychodrama Announcement list, and  our webpage and more ideas to be discussed and implemented.
Thank you for all of those who are suporting me and specially to Sue Daniel for her excellent work in the Psychodrama Section and for the 15th IAGP Congress and also to give me the opportunity and honour to Chair the IAGP Psychodrama Section.
Feel free to contact me.
Warm greetings,
Manuela Maciel