COORDINATOR . Manfred Drucke - Germany
Victor Shebar - Israel
Celia Riskin - Argentina
Louise Lipman - USA
Elizabeth Malsko - Switzerland
Isil Bulut - Turkey
Heloisa Fleury - Brazil




-Helping and consulting the local organizing comittee
-Proposing themes and presenters from different countries also networking with the regional group
- To write impressions of Istambul Congress and propose improvements and also to share experience with the next organizers
- Assure that Psychodrama doen't become too dominant in IAGP and give space and incentive for the presence of other group psychotherapies.
-Focus on quality more than quantity



ACTIVITY REPORT (February 2004)

Of course the SPC (Scientific Program Committee of next Congress) coordinated by Haim and Heloisa is doing very well. Maybe this comission should work closer with SPC and iagp poll,Manfred suggests Ron Wiener as presenter for next Congress about his very interesting work in Sociodrama.