Calendar of Future International Psychodrama Events:


Nov. 2-5

Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Gruppenpsychotherapie und
Gruppendynamik (DAGG) -

Bonn, Germany: Spielräume der Zukunft. Gruppen
kreatives Potential in Sozialisation und Bildung

Dec. 15-16

VIII Portuguese Psychodrama Congress

Hotel do Luso, Luso, Portugal

Dec. 16-17

Associazione Mediterranea di Psichodramma (AMP), sezione
Sicillana Catania, Italy: Incontro con lo stranierro in terra mediterranea


Jan. 24-28


Australian and New Zeeland Psychodrama Association (ANZPA)

Wellington, New Zeeland: Playing with the Systemic Perspective

March 2-3

Szenen - Rolandseck, Germany: Friedenarbeit mit PD und


May 2-5

Spanish Psychodrama Association (SPA) - La Coruña, Spain

VII. Ibero-American Congress of Psychodrama and XXII.

National Meeting of  the SPA: Psychodrama in Cultural Syndromes and Conflicts

May 5-6

Östereichischer Arbeitskreis für Gruppentherapie und Gruppendynamik


Vienna, Austria:

Annual symposium of the PD section

May 25-29

FEPTO - Alacati (Izmir), Turkey: 15th FEPTO Annual Meeting

May 30-June 2

FEPTO - Bergama, Turkey: Post-meeting Conference together

with the 32nd International Congress of the Turkish Association of Group


June 4-8

DAGG/IAGP - Granada, Spain: VIII. Summer Academy

Creating a Dialogue of Peace: the Intercultural Competence of Groups

June 14-17

EAP - Florence, Italy: 15th EAP Congress

Humour and other Strategies to Survive Emotional Crises

June 22-24

British Psychodrama Association (BPA) - Portsmouth, UK

Making a Difference.

July 6-8

"J L Moreno" Psychodrama Society(SPJLM)/Romanian Association of

Classical Psychodrama (ARPsiC) together with the Romanian Federation of


Sibiu, Romania: Celebrating Moreno's Personality

Sept. 13-16

Psychodrama Insitut für Europa (PIfE) - Berlin, Germany

9th International Conference: Values and Change


Sept. 13-16

IAGP - Barcelona, Spain: 3rd Regional Mediterranean Conference


AUSTRIA ÖAGG first weekend in May: annual PD symposium of the section; first

weekend in November: annual General Assembly and Psychodrama section day

TURKEY For Bergama Congress, either the 3rd or the 4th week of May

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