Highlights of the 5th Pacific Rim Regional Congress, IAGP – 24th to 31st January 2001



The Tyranny of Difference: Freedom Through Interaction



Impressions from Sue Daniel (Australia)  who was the Co-Chairperson of the
Scientific Programme Committee, and Profesor Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger
(France),IAGP Archivist.


Working Together

Sue Daniel

January 2002

It is with pleasure that I write regarding the IAGP’s 5th Pacific Regional
Rim Congress that was held in January 2001 in Melbourne, Australia.  The
Congress was enlivening and did much to promote the work of the AAGP and
ANZPA and our relationships with one another.  I particularly enjoyed
working alongside Oliver Larkin as co-chairpersons of the Scientific
Committee. The responses from international and local delegates and
presenters have been very heartening both during the Congress and since.
There were approximately 237 delegates at this event.  Over half of them
(124) attended the pre and post-congress workshops and a further 4 people
attended just the workshops.  The six people who conducted pre and post
congress workshops were Anne Schutzenberger and David Gutmann (France),
Joseph Moreno (USA), Max Clayton (New Zealand), Rob Gordon and myself
(Australia). There were a number of visitors from countries from outside the
Pacific Rim; the USA, Austria, Israel, Ireland and France.  Other visitors
came from Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore, including Douglas Kong,
Chairman for the 6th PRRC.  Approximately 80 people presented their work at
this Congress.  Yujiro Isoda (Japan) Felix de Mendelssohn (Austria) and Max
Clayton (New Zealand) were the keynote speakers.  During lunchtimes we held
Authors’ Hours and 4 people presented work from their current books; Anne
Schutzenberger (France), Bruce Hopkins, (USA), Joseph Moreno (USA) and Peter
Kellermann (Israel).
The next Pacific Regional Rim Congress is scheduled for 12 – 15 March 2003
in Singapore, the theme being “Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds.”


Post Congress Impressions from an “end of the earth visitor”

Anne Schutzenberger

February 2001

Traveling now after the 5th PRRC in Melbourne.  I found remarkable the
relationship between analysts and psychodramatists.  There was no tension.
As for me, there were three highlights.
The first would be a very gentle blend, and the visiting delegates from one
section to another – not only sitting in but taking part in – it reminded me
a little bit of a congress some 18 months ago in Buenos Aires with Monica
Zuretti’s organization.  There, the group analysts and psychodramatists met
and discussed in different sessions.  This is remarkable because it is an
exception.  This idea was a combination of Sabar and Sue.  The president was
Sabar Rustomjee and the scientific director, Sue Daniel.  There were some
outstanding papers and at the same time room for newer professionals in the
The second outstanding thing was the feeling, the atmosphere, no tension, no
visible tension and probably no tension.  Very good human relations quality.
The third thing was the human size of the Congress, not too big, permitting
real encounters and the fantastic idea of having lunch on the premises
allowing them to really get together without losing time or as Sue says,
“lunchtime everyone is still working”.  There was a quiet feeling knowing
that it was a university venue, not too expensive and that our pennies were
watched out.