Registration procedure:


1.      Book your accommodation

directly at the hotel you prefer before the 15th of Dec. 2004 and inform the management that you participate at the Fepto meeting


32.00 € (only double rooms available, including breakfast)

(Please mention with whom you want to share the room)

Hotel Klimt:

35.00 € (double room, including breakfast)

45.00 € (Single rooms, including breakfast)

Youth hostel (about 45 min by public transport to the Europahaus)

22.00 € (including breakfast)


  1. Send the registration form to the organizing committee

Christine Pichlhöfer


Address: A-1030 Wien; Marokkanergasse 19/3

Tel:        ++43 / 699 / 110 144 83


  1. Pay registration fee

Paid before 28th of February 2005         210 €

Paid after    28th of February 2005         240 €

The registration fee includes meals from Wednesday evening until Saturday and the excursion.


The registration fee should be paid to the account of FEPTO:

FORTIS BANQUE, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels

Code Swift : GEBABE BB

Transfer to FEPTO

Account nr: 001-3573240-30

IBAN: BE 15 0013 5732 4030

Please mention: registration fee FEPTO Vienna

In case of cancellation before 20th of March 50% of the fee will be refunded. After that there is no refund.




First Announcement

for the 13th

FEPTO meeting in Vienna







In Vienna, Austria

20th  - 24th of April, 2005





Bridge over troubled water

 Integration of opposites allows differences




Welcome to the 13th FEPTO Annual Meeting!



In Vienna and Bad Vöslau the cities where Moreno lived from 1896 to 1925 we will start a journey learning from the past to get a vision for the future.

Vienna the capital of a multicultural and multilingual kingdom in the times of Moreno was a melting pot for opposites in many fields.

Stefan Zweig a contemporary famous author described: ”Someone who lived there was free of narrowness and prejudice. Nowhereelse than there was it easier to be a European…”(Die Welt von Gestern, Erinnerungen eines Europäers.2003 Fischer)


But it was also the town where Hitler lived and failed in his trial to become a student of the academy of art. Frustrated at not being accepted he created one of the most destructive political systems we ever had.


Moreno had the vision that people are able to live together in peace when they feel responsible for this world and learn to integrate different positions.


Information about Vienna:


For further questions about the meeting contact:


Christine Pichlhöfer 


Tel:        ++43/699/110 144 83






The meeting will be held at the Europahaus. It is a historic baroque castle in a beautiful park with all the facilties we need. The centre you can reach easily by public transportation within 30 minutes.

For those who prefer a single room the Hotel Klimt (20 min walk or 10 min by tram to the Europahaus) is recommended.

In springtime many events take place in Vienna and it is difficult to find accommodation on a reasonable price. Therefore you should book the accommodation as early as possible, at the latest:


15th of December 2004

After this date it is your responsibility to find and check accommodation.

The following accommodation is available:


 Europahaus (for 60 persons in double rooms)

 Book under: “FEPTO”

 Linzer Straße 429

 A-1140 Wien,
 Tel :  0043 (0)1-57 666-77

 Fax:  0043 (0)1-57 666-62


Hotel Klimt

Book under: “FEPTO”

Felbigergasse 58
1140 Wien

Tel:  0043 (0)1 914 55 65
0043 (0)1 911 19 42-5




Youth hostel

Book under: “05/0085”

Schlossherberge am Wilhelminenberg

A-1160 Wien

Tel:  0043-1-4858503-700
Fax: 0043-1-4858503-702