News from the Council

by Judith Teszáry

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Dear members


In this issue of FEPTO-news we present the Minimal Training Standard and the new Membership Criteria. The General Assembly approved these criteria and training standards. Some of our member institutes have much higher amount of hours, some have less and a different training structure than of FEPTO’s guidelines. This is not a problem because all institutes are free to add any amount of training hours as these are just minimal standards. We would like you to read it carefully and make a comparison to your institutes standard. We even would like you to present these guidelines to the staff of your institute and discuss how long time would it take and which changes you need to do to live up to these standards. Please prepare a paper on it, which we will discuss in Finland on our next meeting.


I hope that if we manage to achieve common basics of the psychodrama training in Europe the further cooperation and exchange between the institutes and the accrediting organisations will be easier.

The next step or goal in our work will be to discuss the theory we use in the training of psychodramatists and the research we ought to do in order to gain a higher status and recognition for our method.



Dear Renée,


I talked to Pierre about your objection that FEPTO in its recommended  minimal standards speaks about of Certified Practitioner CP Psychodrama*) and your proposal to change it into Certified Psychodramatist. The problem is that the GA approved the proposal and only the next GA can make the changes. So I wish to publish the minimal standards as it is. It is an information to the members so they can think it through and make some new proposals if they wish. I would like to put some lines in the news before the text of both the Minimal Standards and the Membership Requirements: (Of course we have to present the names and the mail addresses to the Council members)


Dear Members,


Work in Progress

The Training Committee, the Membership Committee and the Ethics Committee have been working since our meeting in Sofia on a proposal on guidelines for Minimal Training Standards, on the new Membership Requirements and on the Ethic Codes. The General Assembly approved these proposals in Estoril 2003 April. On page 10-18 we present them and wish you to read them carefully and if you would like to make some changes, please send your proposal to the chairs of the different Committees 6 weeks before the General Assembly in Finland, 17 April 2004 at the latest.



If you wish to submit a motion for any subject, please send your motion to the Chair person of FEPTO, Judith Teszáry, April 17 2004 at the latest. Only prepared requests and proposals can be discussed at the General Assembly.


Thank you! Warm greetings,

Judith Teszáry – chairperson

*) Note of Renée Oudijk: I objected while CP and TEP are the official, well described and agreed Psychodrama titles of the American Board of Examiners, The Australian Board of Examiners, The Nordic Board of Examiners and the Dutch-Belgian Board of Examiners.