Membership Committee members:

Inci Doganer chair person,
 committe members:  Yaacov Naor and Monica Westberg.



FEPTO Membership Application Form


Training Organisations/Accrediting Organisations




Full name and initials of the Organisation:






Official Address:                                                                                         Post Address:


Street                                                                                                           Street                                                                                              

City                                                                                                               City


Postal/Code                                                                                                Postal/Code




Phone number                                                                                            Phone number


Fax number                                                                                                 Fax number


e-mail                                                                                                           e-mail





Name of President/Director/Chairperson


Year of founding of Organisation


Information used to inform the members of FEPTO






1b      Short discription for training organisations (one page):


Name of the organisation:






President/Vicepresident ( Director/Codirector)





Presentation of the formal structure of the Organisation:

Society or partnership agreement or Non-profit organisation or ?





1 History of the Organisation

Training of the founders, founding year






2.Training programme:

Difference between minimal standards and own training programme






3. List of training staff

Names of main trainers





4. Number of training groups

In the last three years





5 Number of psychodramatists certified by the organisation:






1.b. Short description for accrediting organizations

(one page  in English translation)



Name of the organization:










President/Vicepresident ( Director/Co-director)





1.      History of the Organisation






2.      Process of founding and development of the organisation.






3.      Application requirements for new members






4.      List of individual and/or organisational members






Membership Committee members:

Inci Doganer chair person,
 committe members:  Yaacov Naor and Monica Westberg.