Some suggestions

(as possible tasks for FEPTO)

Develop FEPTO News so that we can use it for communication with each other. Sharing information about what we are doing and what we are thinking in terms of training and method development.
Daring to be more personal, also having small notes and chats.
Develop FEPTO Papers: have a list of actual books in different languages.
Have articles published in various languages with an English summary.
Assist members in making psychodrama a recognized psychotherapy in their country. This may involve European Union lobbying, curriculum development, public opinion work, scientific proofing work, etc. Perhaps the best use of FEPTO in such a context is to help find each other for assistance.
Inspiring and helping each other to introduce psychodrama in the basic training of doctors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, teachers and actors. It seems that an early exposure to the method creates method inspiration.
Arrange special conferences around important issues: e.g.: psychodrama in psychosomatic work; clinical experiences and researches done; future prospects. Print some material from that conference. Having a place in Europe in that topic.
In connection with the FEPTO Annual Meeting, to have a conference on a psychodramatic topic, involving local as well as European and Mediterranean people. Perhaps just a small focused conference so that we are not over-run by the dynamics of the conference. But I feel it would be nice to have the local host country meet the FEPTO psychodramatists in an active way.
Introduce a WEB SITE for FEPTO, where we could exchange ideas and encourage our students to communicate also. Perhaps a beginning for it is an E-mail net.


Göran Högberg