Diez, Germany, March 1998

ome seventy participants (fifty voting members) joined this meeting which was centered on: "Psychodrama Training and Teaching: Visions for the future in Psychotherapy, Education and Arts". This subject was explored in large and small group meetings. Some points which arose were proposed as themes to our next meeting: Clarification of psychodrama terminology, Role theory and concept, Contract and framework for training; Psychodrama and dreams; Psychodrama and psychosomatic symptoms.

From an administrative view, it was a very important meeting: the first one after the legal recognition of FEPTO and the approval of its Statutes

Annual General Assembly

February 1998. FEPTO has been adopted as an International Organization with a scientific aim in accordance with the Belgian law of 1919, and is now registered in the European Union list of Federations with scientific aim.

A new Council was elected in the General Assembly:

Executive Committee:

Chairperson - Giovanni Boria (Italy)

Vice-Chairperson - Göran Högberg (Sweden)

Secretary - Dorothy Langley (United Kingdom)

Treasurer - Renée Oudijk (The Netherlands)

Council Members:

Pierre Fontaine (Belgium)

Barbara-Rose Legeler (Germany)

Grete Leutz (Germany)

Graciela Moyano Rojas-Bermudez (Spain)

Jaime Rojas-Bermudez (Spain)

Antonio Roma-Torres (Portugal)

The Committees formed and Chairpersons appointed were:


Chairperson Graciela Moyano Rojas-Bermudez (Spain)

Jesus Cabezúdo (Spain)

Antonio Roma-Torres (Portugal)

Jaime Rojas-Bermudez (Spain)



Chairperson Elisabeth Köberl (Germany)

Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger (France)

Einya Artzi (Israel)

Giovanni Boria (Italy)

Göran Högberg (Sweden)

Grete Leutz (Germany)

Hannah Salomé (The Netherlands)



Chairperson Bernhard Achterberg (Germany)

Eva Fahlström (Sweden)

Göran Högberg (Sweden)

Jaime Rojas-Bermudez (Spain)

Wilma Scategni (Italy)


Relations with the European Union:

Chairperson Pierre Fontaine (Belgium)

Giovanni Boria (Italy)

Chantal Neve-Hanquet (Belgium)

Leni Verhofstadt-Deneve (The Netherlands)



Joint Chairpersons

Barbara-Rose Legeler (Germany) & Antonio Roma-Torres (Portugal)

Marco Boria (Italy)

Nifont Dolgopolov (Russia)

Natalia Novitski (Finland)

Gábor Pintér (Hungary)

Eva Rřine (Norway)



Chairperson Monica Westberg (Sweden)

Pierre Fontaine (Belgium)

Jutta Fürst (Austria)

Dorothy Langley (United Kingdom)

Elena Lopoukina (Russia)

Ildiko Mävers (Germany)

Melinda Meyer (Norway)

Graciela Moyano Rojas-Bermudez

Andréas Vikár (Hungary)