Scholarships can be offered to students of psychodrama from country to country who can participate in each other’s programs free of charge for a limited time to facilitate new learning experiences. Are you willing to offer a scholarship in your Institute for foreign students? These courses may be part of your usual curriculum and the foreign students could participate, pending on his/her knowledge of the language. Please inform Giovanni Boria if you are interested.

A letter from Sweden

As we know, one of the aims of FEPTO is to give his members the possibility to meet and exchange ideas and experiences. From now on, this excellent opportunity is being extended also to students in training: I am an Italian language teacher living in Stockholm and studying at the "Psykodrama Akademin", and I was invited to participate in a theoretical session organized by Giovanni Boria’s school at Sulzano (near Brescia,Italy). During such sessions, which take place twice a year, all the students of the school are present, as part of their training. The courses were very interesting, not only for the lectures of very competent and experienced psychodramatists, but also for the possibility to see how the training is organized by different schools. Among the things I personally deeply appreciated were the full-immersion in psychotherapeutic dynamics compared with psychodrama, a view on diagnostic methods, and an all-round repetition of Moreno’s key-concepts.

On top of all that, new friends, a wonderful scenario and psychodrama in my own language!

Differences between schools are inevitable: all Italian students are used to huge theoretical examinations, while the whole Swedish school system focuses more on the practical aspects of knowledge. Psychodrama schools of course reflect this reality. Nevertheless the opportunity to compare cultural differences enables us to reflect on our own methods and aims. It is my hope that we students in training, not (not yet?) subjected to prestige rivalries and client conflicts will give some contribution in searching what enriches us, visiting other schools as "tele-agents" (not as spies…).

Mariolina Werner