The idyllic little town of DIEZ, set by the Lahn holiday route, is able to look back on a fascinating history. Some centuries ago, there were particularly close connections between the so-called "GÜLDENE GRAFSCHAFT" (golden county) of that time and the Netherlands. For a very long time, counts from Diez were required to serve as governors in Dutch provinces. They played a significant role in the liberation of the Netherlands from the Spanish rule of the

time. One important figure was Prince Ernst-Casimir of Nassau-Diez, a nephew of the famous William of Orange. Many monuments give some indication of the close connections which once existed between Diez and the Netherlands. These include the picturesque castle of the counts, which was built in the 11th century and now houses a modern youth hostel and the museum of local history and culture, and especially the Baroque-style Oranienstein castle, which was built in the 17th century upon the ruins of what used to be Dirstein monastery and today houses the Nassau-Orange museum. For this reason, diez is also known as the "ORANIENSTADT" (Orange town). The old town with its picturesque half timber houses and the remains of the town walls (14th century) is very popular with day-trippers.


Schedule of the Meeting



Wednesday, March 18

18-20 Council meeting

20 Participants arrival and dinner

21,30 Introduction in the history of "Hof von Holland" and the city of Diez

Encounter & warming up to the theme of the meeting


Thursday, March 19


8,30 breakfast

9,30-10,30 Large group meeting

11-12,30 General Assembly


President’s report

Treasurer’s report

Secretary’s report

Committees’ reports

Acceptance of new members


13 lunch

15-16 Ballot for the election of the new Council


16,30-17,30 First meeting of the new

Council and election of the Executive Committee


18,30-19,30 General Assembly with the new


Executive Committee’s presentation

Settlement of the new membership fees

20 Dinner



Friday, March 20


8,30 breakfast

9,30-10,30 Large group meeting

11-12,30 Small groups’ work on the theme of the meeting

12,30-13,30 Feed back: small group reports in large group


13,30 lunch

15,30-18,30 Panel discussion and group interaction / Theme: FEPTO visions for the future

  1. Dinner, dancing and chatting at the Tagungszentrum



Saturday, March 21

8,30 breakfast

9,30-10,30 Large group meeting

11-12,30 Continuation of the small groups’ work on the theme of the meeting


12,30-13,30 Plenum big group

13,30 lunch

16 Visit Limburg city and bus tour of Lahn Valley

  1. Meal and music in an old wine cave


Sunday, March 22

8,30 breakfast

9-10 Council meeting

10,30-11,30 Committees’ meeting

11,30-12,30 Plenum and closure

Suggestion for theme of next meeting


13,30 lunch and departure



Practical information on the meeting

We’ll work and have meals in the Tagungszentrum (five minutes walk from the Diez train station – Taxis not available).

Only 32 persons can have a bed-room (double or single, with shower and WC) in this place. There are some hotels nearby: some of us have to sleep there.



for people sleeping at Tagugungszentrum (4 nights):

300 DM pro person (double room) including all meals

340 DM pro person (single room) including all meals

(when the Tagungszentrum is full, a reasonable priced pension will be arranged)


for people sleeping in the hotel Oranien, five minutes walk (per day):

145 - 165 DM for two persons (double room –single rooms are not available)

plus price to be arranged for lunch & evening meal at the Tagungszentrum


for all the participants:

100 DM pro person towards meeting expenses needs to be collected from each participant

bus fare for the Lahn Valley tour (to be determined)

price of meal on Saturday night (to be determined)




The main airports near Diez are:



Train connections:

Frankfurt airport – Frankfurt Hbf – Limburg – Diez (h. 1,50 m.)


Köln Hbf – Koblenz (change train, direction Limburg) – Diez (h. 2)

(Please note: the connecting train to Limburg-Diez is at the far end of the track / platform)

All participants arriving by plane should state their airport arrival / departure times. Group taxi can possibly be arranged from Frankfurt to Diez (price unknown).

Those arriving by plane should allow minimum 3 – 4 hours travelling time to arrive at the Tagungszentrum.


How to register for the meeting

Send, only via fax or e-mail, your registration specifying your data:


Mail address




Voting member/Guest

Belonging to the Organisation:

Name of airport, date and time of arrival


For hotel reservation, indicate two choices (putting nr 1, first choice; nr 2, second choice) from the following:

___ double room in the Tagungszentrum

___ single room in the Tagungszentrum

___ double room in the hotel Oranien (five


In the case your choice cannot be accommodated, we’ll let you know in advance.