Dear FEPTO members, the end of this year is approaching, and also the first two year term of the Council is reaching its completion. For this reason, the main topic of our last Council meeting (Cologne, November 1 & 2) was the ballot that will take place in the next General Assembly (March 1998). In this meeting we also completed the list of the organisational FEPTO members who are in the position (when they have paid their fee) to participate in the election, like the founding members. These members are: Training Organisations:

  1. APRAGI, Italy.
  2. Centre for Psychodrama Education, The Netherlands.
  3. Centro de Sicodrama, Sociodrama y Sicodanza, Spain.
  4. Fachsektion Psychodrama im ÖAGG, Austria.
  5. Foundation of Uppsala Psychodrama Institute, Sweden.
  6. Hungarian Psychodrama Association, Hungary.
  7. Institut für Feministisches Psychodrama, Germany.
  8. Institut für Psychodrama - dr. Ella Mae Shearon, Germany.
  9. Institut fur Psychodrama, Suisse.
  10. Instituut voor Ontwikkelingsgerichte Psychotherapie, Belgium.
  11. Moreno Institut fur Psychodrama, Soziometrie und Gruppenpsychotherapie, dr. G.A. Leutz, Überlingen, Germany.
  12. Relatie Studio, Belgium.
  13. School voor Psychodrama, The Netherlands.
  14. Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama, Portugal.
  15. South Devon College, United Kingdom.
  16. Stiftelsen Psykodrama Akademin, Sweden.
  17. Studio di Psicodramma, Italy.
  18. Suomen Psychodrama Institut, Finland.
  19. Szenen, Institut für Psychodrama, Germany


Psychodrama Organisations providing accreditation, certification and/or setting training standards:

  1. Associazione Italiana Psicodrammatisti Moreniani - AIPSIM, Italy.
  2. Asociacion para el estudio y Investigacion en Sicodrama y Sicoterapia de Grupo, Spain.
  3. British Psychodrama Association, United Kingdom.
  4. Deutscher Fachverband für Psychodrama - DFP, Germany.
  5. Israel Psychodrama Association, Israel.
  6. Vereniging voor Psychodrama, Benelux - The Netherlands.

As regards the General Assembly and the ballot, I quote from the minutes of the meeting the following:


Place of General Assembly for March, 1998

Ella Mae Shearon announced that it would not be possible to have the General FEPTO Assembly in March in Cologne, since there will be inflation prices because of the international "Messe" there at that time.

Grete Leutz reports that for the next meeting in March it is possible to have the meeting in Diez, Germany. Claudia Bachmann, a psychodrama trainer at the Moreno Institute in Uberlingen, has a psychodrama centre (Tageszentrum) there. The council voted unanimous that the Third General Assembly of FEPTO will take place in Diez, Germany, March 18-22, 1998.


Composition of General Assembly Committee

The following persons were selected by the Council: Grete Leutz (Chairperson), Ella Mae Shearon, Daggis Blomkvist, Elisabeth Koberl, Claudia Bachmann (Guest). The Council election will take place according to the Constitution. In order to facilitate the coming Council election, the Council decided to elect a Nominating Committee within the Council. The Nominating Committee has the responsibility to prepare for the election. The Council elected Goran Hogberg as Chairperson and Roberto de Inocencio & Renee Oudijk as Nominating Committee members. Geographically, the Nominating Committee represents an acceptable spectrum of the FEPTO countries.




Eligibility of FEPTO members to qualify for election to Council

The Council discussed the necessary criteria for Council membership. The following points were agreed upon by the Council:

  1. Founding members are elibible to be elected to the Council as well as Organisational members.
  2. Those elected to the Council must be members in good standing (=fee paid). The FEPTO treasurer will send a list of the members who are in good standing to the Nominating Committee.
  3. Council members must represent FEPTO at large and not his or her own organisational affiliation.
  4. The Council members must participate in Council meetings.
  5. The Council members must be willing to pay their own costs and travel expenses to attend Council meetings.
  6. The Council members must be willing to fulfil the tasks of a Council member.


Procedure for the election

  1. The Nominating Committee will send a letter to all Organisations and Founding members to ask them for their recommendations. The training organisations may send two names of candidates that they submit to the Nominating Committee as candidates for the Council Election. Each Training Organisation may, likewise, choose only one person and give him two votes. The accrediting Organisation has one vote, therefore only one person may be chosen from an Accrediting Organisation as candidate for the Council election. Suggestions of one or two persons should be sent to Goran Hogberg, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee.
  2. The Nominating Committee is delegated the responsibility to make a list of candidates for the Council election and to include the necessary information about their qualifications.
  3. A list of candidates will be compiled by the Nominating Committee and distributed to FEPTO members.
  4. The FEPTO members will vote for the new Council according to the FEPTO Constitution at the next FEPTO meeting in Germany.


Topics for the FEPTO General Meeting in Germany, March 1998

The Council discussed possible themes and the theme for the next meeting was chosen:

"Psychodrama Training and Teaching: Visions for the Future in Psychotherapy, Community, Education and Arts."

I take the chance of this communication to send to all of you my best wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year.

Giovanni Boria