Registration procedure:


1.    Book your accommodation

directly at the hotel you choose before the 28th of Feb. 2006 and inform the management that you will participate at the FEPTO meeting

Diaconical Centre** (54 places):

15.00 € (only double rooms available, including breakfast)

(Please mention with whom you want to share the room)

Agape Hotel****:

34.00 € (double room, including breakfast)

56.00 € (single rooms, including breakfast)

Confort Hotel***:

23.50 € (double room, including breakfast)

35.00 € (single rooms, including breakfast)

Retro Youth hostel*:

10.00 € (rooms with 6 or 11 beds, including breakfast)


2.   Send the registration form to the organizing committee

Laura Budiu


address: RO- 400663 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Almasului 9/20

tel: +40 (0)723 470 943


3.   Registration fee

Paid until 28th of February 2005         155 €

Paid after     1st  of March  2005         185 €

The registration fee includes meals (from Wednesday evening until Saturday), portfolio, coffee breaks and the excursion.


The registration fee should be paid to the account of FEPTO:

FORTIS BANQUE, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels

Code Swift : GEBABE BB

Transfer to FEPTO

Account nr: 001-3573240-30

IBAN: BE 15 0013 5732 4030

Please mention: registration fee FEPTO Cluj-Napoca

In case of cancellation, before 20th of March, 50% of the fee will be refunded. After that there is no refund.




First Announcement

for the 14th

FEPTO meeting in Cluj-Napoca








Cluj-Napoca, Romania

26th - 30th of April, 2006




Apollon with Dionysos

 Theories in action



Welcome to the 14th  FEPTO Annual Meeting, in Cluj-Napoca!


Romania’s second largest town, with a mixed culture and a population of almost 350.000 people, Cluj-Napoca lies in the North-West of the country, a real capital of Transylvania. The town has developed on the main trade route, later a via romana, connecting the Roman Empire to the Roman Province Dacia Felix.


A powerful economic and business centre, the city is known also due to its cultural places: the National Opera House and Theatre, the National Philharmonic, Hungarian Opera House and Theatre, the Art, History and Ethnographic Museums and last but not least, university institutions. The first university in Cluj was the one set up by Prince Istvan Bathory in 1581. The town has one now of the largest universities of Central and Eastern Europe – the Babes-Bolyai University, founded in 1872. You can also visit the Botanical Gardens, the fortress walls and the medieval buildings such are St. Michael’s parish Church dating from the 14th century or the Franciscan Church and Abbey (which houses now the Music Academy), the Matei Corvin House and the Orthodox Cathedral.


The FEPTO meeting will be followed by a post-conference, from 30th of April until the 2nd of May, organized for trainees, trainers and practitioners: Theory in Practice of Different Approaches in Psychodrama


Information about Cluj-Napoca: (for map of the city)


For further questions about the meeting:


Horatiu Nil Albini 


tel: +40 (0)723 331 007




The meeting will be held at the Diaconical Centre, a multifunctional building that has a main conference hall and rooms for simultaneously small group works. It is located at about 3 km from the centre of the town.

For those who prefer an accommodation in a single room, Hotel Confort (a 20 minutes walk from the Diaconical Centre) or Hotel Agape (in the centre of the city, 10 minutes with a taxi) are recommended (see map).

During this period many events will take place in Cluj and it is difficult to find accommodation on the spot. Therefore it is the best to book the accommodation as early as possible, at the latest:


28th of February 2006


After this date we cannot guarantee accommodation in the hotels we are recommending.

The following accommodation is available:


 Diaconical Centre                      Hotel Confort***

 (Bethlen Kata**)                          Book under: “FEPTO”

 (for 54 persons in double rooms)           Calea Turzii, nr.48

 Book under: “FEPTO”                            RO-400193 Cluj-Napoca

 Str. Ponorului, nr.1                                  fax:  +40 (0)264 598 410

 RO-400075 Cluj Napoca                         e-mail:
 tel :  +40 (0)264 440 510               

 fax:  +40 (0)264 440 510                        


Hotel Agape****                            Youth hostel*

Book under: “FEPTO”                               Book under: “FEPTO”

Str. Iului Maniu, nr.6                                  Str. Potaissa, nr.13
RO-400095 Cluj-Napoca                           RO-400090 Cluj-Napoca

tel: +40 (0)264 206 943                             tel:  +40 (0)264 450 452
fax: +43 (0)264 406 523                            +40 (0)264 598 423

e-mail:       e-mail: